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Success Stories

Luciane's Journey

After giving birth to my two sons I decided it was time to do something about my lower back pain and the post-pregnancies “tummy” I was left with. I did some sections of physiotherapy, which helped, but not to the extent I desired.

It was through Jenni that I came to understand how my body works and how important the core muscles are to improve posture by regaining strength and alignment and therefore eliminating lower back pain. Training with Jenni has been great because her classes are well designed and she explains what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Jenni is not just an excellent trainer but she is also a very good communicator. She is passionate about what she does, patient and has extensive knowledge about post-partum health and fitness.

Elizabeth's Journey

Having found out through a series of X-Rays that I had a very weak pelvic floor and referred to a pelvic floor physio, I thought I would confide in my then Pilates instructor Jenni, as I felt she may be able to help me with this nasty hiccup in my life via Pilates. That day was a turning point for me. Jenni has proved to be a wonderful ally in my “pelvic floor journey”.

I must say here that the physio, Sue Croft was also an integral part of my recovery, but Jenni was my saviour. When Sue told me that I could no longer do crunches, sit ups, wide leg squats, full push ups, boxing, full planks, etc. etc., I thought my life at the gym was over and I have to say that going to the gym plays a very large part in my life. Jenni calmed me and insisted that I would still be able to exercise, so with her help it was onward and upward. She has gone above and beyond a Pilates instructor/student relationship. She has given me alternate exercises to do in class, she has talked to me, she has spent hours doing extensive research, and shared this with me, and her help has been endless and invaluable.

When Jenni studied her Certificate III in Fitness, I was her guinea pig. I think I got just as much from this experience as she did, and she of course passed the course with flying colours. I was so proud of her. Jenni is an amazing Pilates instructor, she has endless patience, and for women with pelvic floor problems, pregnancies, or any other related issues, there is no one better. Classes with Jenni are a privilege to participate in.